R e b e c c a V a u g h a n A R T W O R K S r e s u m e s t a t e m e n t


Personal Locator Beacon, 2010; Emmanuel Gallery, Denver, CO

Colorado's oldest standing church-turned gallery was converted into a personal locator beacon. Upon entrance, viewers were greeted by a 20 foot banner proclaiming "Open to Love." Their further movement into the space triggered a wave of fans and rotating emergency beacon lights.

Each fan blew the scent of the Golden Chalice Vine towards visitors, a plant known to release a pheromone, which in humans, causes us to create the same neurotransmitters that we do when we are madly in love.

Ornate Rococo ceiling medallions were teamed with DC motors and industrial light bulb cages; hand-crocheted florets adorned motion sensors and exposed electric wires; 16-foot extension ladders were covered in shimmery pink fabric to create internal buttresses, leading the viewers' eye to 20 foot high gothic windows, where rotating beacon lights sent the message of love to the outside world.